The Pandora BT-02 is a miniature device with a wide range of functional features for a hidden installation in the engine compartment module, or as a stand-alone device


The Pandora BT-02 is a new compact micro relay with a built-in digital interface for managing the Webasto/Eberspaecher engine heater and two programmable inputs. The relay is fully controlled via a reliable wireless Bluetooth interface. A special electromechanical relay with two full groups of contacts that allow switching circuits with a load of up to 1A.

A miniature sizes (34x16x9 mm) of the device and the absence of wires between the relay and the base unit allow to make a hidden installation inside of the vehicle harness.

Pandora BT-02 can be used to block the car’s radio channel, diagnostic CAN buses, to protect additional keys from writing, low-current blocking of sensors and data buses, control the engine heaters.

Also, it can be used as a stand-alone device for controlling garage doors, gates, etc. A special mobile application Pandora Relay will automatically detect the device in coverage zone of Bluetooth connection and will allow you to perform necessary actions. Or use the Pandora BT-02 as an additional invisible blocking in the vehicle, separate from the security system.

View or download Pandora BT-02 manual

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