Multifunctional auto electrician’s device that was designed for modern car electrics. Pandora ALT-205 design and circuitry are produced to exclude a risk of damage to the car electrics when diagnosing and searching for the required signal circuits. Ergonomic body of the device allows to easily find needed signals in actual auto electrician working conditions, during installation of service-security systems and additional devices.


Pandora ALT-205 is multifunctional auto electrician’s device that is designed for professional use in the process of repair and installation work with original electronics of modern cars, including cars with digital data CAN, LIN, K-BUS, W-BUS, K-LINE buses and with data rates up to 1Mbps. The device is designed for modern cars with on-board voltage 12 and 24V.

Main features:

  • Measuring of constant voltage up to 30V
  • Indication of maximum and minimum values, frequency and oscillation period, pulse signals.
  • Recognition of digital bus transmission lines up to 500 kB/s
  • Switching resistance 50Om and 1kOm, sound and light indication
  • Switching area illumination
  • LCD display with illumination
  • Replaceable contact steel needle
  • AAA battery voltage
  • Micro-USB socket to update the firmware

View or download Pandora ALT-205 manual