Pandora Camper Pro is a security-service systems are specially designed to protect your motorhome. Systems provides reliable security of a cabin and living module due to an optimal set of special wireless sensors: motion, tilt, opening sensors and an innovative radar-based intruder detector. Special “Stay Home” mode protects the living accommodation and luggage compartments even when owners are inside the motorhome.

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It is the latest development of the Pandora company. This is a unique wireless sensor designed to guard any opening element of the camper. At the same time, in contrast to sensors from other
manufacturers, DMS-100BT is triggered not only on the opening, but also on any movement, thereby protecting for example windows open for airing. When arming the system will inform you about the unlocked elements and will not exclude these zone but will reliably protect them. Sensor has minimum dimensions and its installation takes less than a minute. There is no need for additional work with camper wiring, thus you will not harm the vehicle and will reduce installation costs. Unique energy-saving algorithms and a modern high-capacity lithium battery, which is not afraid of temperature changes, ensures long-lasting maintenance-free operation.


An interesting excursion or a long bike ride takes a lot of energy and requires a good sleep to recover. It is well known by the thieves who is abducting expensive cameras, phones, tablets, laptops, documents from the camper, while you are sleeping inside. In our security system, there is a special “StayHome” mode which is quietly protecting the inviolability of your vehicle, while maintaining the ability to fully use the internal space. The system will warn you about penetration attempts and in case of a real danger, for example, when thieves have used a sleeping gas, it will attract the attention of your neighbors and thereby scare away intruders.


Make your phone smarter with Pandora Camper Online App! Intuitive and user friendly interface requires no extra training and provides you all information about the vehicle. You can see inside and outside temperatures, battery status, fuel level, manage internal heaters and other electronic devices. Powerfull inbuilt GPS/Glonass receiver allows to track your journeys and helps you to
find your camper no matter where you have parked it. All information is available 24/7 worldwide due to constant and secured dialogue with the security system by using in-built GSM modem. Event History options stores information about the security statuses. Innovative application for smartphones is already available in Play Market and AppStore.

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