The new professional Pandora Control module is a perfect solution for the comfortable control of the engine preheaters with outstanding functional at the ultimate speeds.

The new philosophy of engine preheater management allows to use all capabilities of the control and diagnostic protocols. Pandora Conrol monitors all the main statuses of the heater, including operation of the fuel pump, flame control, outgoing coolant temperature, power supply voltage and actual power level.

It also performs a continuous diagnostic of the preheater not interfering any factory safety algorithms. In case of problem owner will get an error message and the operation of the heater will be stopped. Pandora Control will identify faults and will propose to correct non-critical and unlock preheater operation preventing you from a visit to a specialized service station.

The Pandora Connect mobile app is adapted to work with professional control module. The main screen displays parameters, the interface is user-friendly and intuitive for any user. Advanced settings are available by a click. You can adjust operation schedule, time, shutdown events and set module parameters.

Pandora Control designed for vehicles with on-board voltage 12-24V. It has 4G(LTE) modem with a nano-SIM card, GPS/Glonass receiver, Bluetooth 5.0 and Li-Po battery.

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