Wireless door sensor DMS-100 BT is a shock/rotation/tilt/motion sensor and a door opening detector (magnetic hall sensor) and autonomous power supply. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 protocol for communication with a car alarm. The following zones can be controlled with this sensor: a sunroof, a coffer cover, a trunk, a trailer, a case cover for carrying some valuables and so on.


Wireless door sensor DMS-100 is designed for the remote detection of shock and rotation, temperature, opening of the door that is located at a considerable distance from the base unit of car service-security system. Sensor’s operation is based on using of 3-coordinate accelerometer that allows detecting rotations, shocks and door motions, and on using a magnetic pair (hall sensor) for reliable detection of door opening/closing. DMS-100 BT is compatible with Bluetooth systems.

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