Wireless sensor Pandora DMS-101BT is designed for the detection of shock, motion, rotation, temperature determination at the opening elements which are located at a considerable distance from the base unit. Sensors operation is based on using of 3-coordinate accelerometer and a hall sensor for reliable detection of door/window/hatch opening/closing even left opened for airing.


Wireless sensor Pandora DMS-101 BT. The new generation sensor to protect the opening elements of cars and campers. The completely redesigned device retains all the outstanding features of the previous generation sensors and is made more reliable by using of the most modern components from the trusted suppliers. Implementation of the Bluetooth 5.0 has increased the operating range and minimized the influence of interference and other negative factors. The new ergonomic and compact case will fit perfectly into any interior without attracting too much attention. It accommodates 2 widespread high-capacity batteries and can be securely mounted on any surface.