Pandora Light+ is an all-around convenient car security, remote start and telemetry system. It has a dialogue encrypted 2-way OLED-display remote that allows monitoring car parameters and safely issuing dozens of commands. Small sized base unit is equipped with a powerful built-in 868 MHz antenna and can connect to CAN-bus and LIN. Remote start function allows to configure automatic starts by weekdays, hours, engine temperature, voltage, as well as providing turbo-timer function and remote start directly issued from the remote.

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To support remote start function, the system provides integrated algorithmic immobiliser bypass to avoid using additional modules or leaving a key in a car. It can also remotely control popular engine preheaters. Pandora’s advanced algorithmic sensors allow the system to distinguish various events, like jacking in case of wheel theft attempt and give corresponding notifications, even when the engine is running in remote start mode.

Remote Engine Start

Radio remote allows to start engine remotely and to set up automatic starts by time, voltage or temperature.

Total Security

Integrated shock, motion sensors and 3D accelerometer use elaborate algorithms to ensure adequate response to any event while preventing false alarms. The system monitors every sensitive area – doors, trunk, hood, sensors, brake pedal, voltage etc.

Immobiliser Bypass

Our system has integrated algorithmic immobiliser bypass that works for many popular car makers – including Toyota/Lexus, Renault/Dacia, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, etc.

Control over preheater

The system allows for remote control over popular engine preheaters like Webasto or Eberspaecher, including sequential preheat and start options. System can be directly connected to preheater via W-bus, K-line or LIN-bus.

Ultra Long Range

Our 2-way RF dialog remote with OLED-display shows astonishing range of communication reaching up to 3 kilometers in suburban areas.

Telemetric LCD

Remote’s OLED displays a variety of telemetric data: on-board voltage, interior and outside temperature, fuel level, signal level, clock.

Encrypted transmissions

The system utilizes 868 MHz multichannel automatically switching radio path and AES-128 algorithm dialog encryption with remote recognition to ensure protection from hackers and code grabbers.

Low energy consumption

The system is built for efficiency – it consumes very little energy and does not prevent car systems from entering sleep mode.

Easy to Install

Pandora Light+ is made for simplicity – all basic functionality is available after connecting few wires. It uses integrated CAN-bus driver to access on-board network. All system features can be programmed via micro-USB using a laptop.

Quality Assurance

Our systems are designed by professional engineers, and are produced on a full-cycle factory in Russia. We take pride in thorough quality control on every step of production to ensure the best results possible.

All in One

This compact system is an all-inclusive solution that requires no additional modules for popular cars. Only exceptions may be backup subsystems and, possibly, a key-in-a-box bypass.

  • Base unit DXL 0090L with master-PIN card – 1
  • Main control remote with LCD (Remote LCD D010 black) – 1
  • Supplementary control remote without LCD (Remote R387) – 1
  • Fastening kit DX – 1
  • Cable with VALET button – 1
  • Cable DX90 – 1
  • Key cable TM DeLuxe – 1
  • Cable USB/micro USB Pandora – 1
  • Main cable X-1000/ Х-1100 – 1
  • Relay automatic start module (RMD-5 v.3) – 1
  • Cable RMD-5 new – 1
  • Analogue temperature sensor (L3000) – 1
  • Manual LIGHT+ TSS – 1
  • Packaging LIIGHT+ – 1
  • Cover of main control remote (Case D010 black) – 1

View or download Pandora Light+ manual