The Pandora BT-01 wireless Bluetooth micro relay is a very useful, often simply necessary Bluetooth accessory with unique characteristics. The product is designed to work with modern security and service Pandora systems with a Bluetooth interface.


The Pandora BT-01 Bluetooth micro relay is one of the smallest relays on the market, and is fully controlled via a reliable wireless Bluetooth interface. The device integrates a special electromechanical relay with two full groups of contacts that allow switching circuits with a load of up to 1A.

Pandora BT-01 has just a miniature size (32x16x9 mm), which allows it to be easily hidden, woven into car’s wiring harnesses, and the fact that no wires go to the base unit makes this device as secretive as possible.

Pandora BT-01 can be used to block the car’s radio channel, diagnostic CAN buses, to protect additional keys from writing, low-current blocking of sensors and data buses, including the bypass method, simulate button presses and break the CAN bus, which may be required when implementation of autostart with a keyless bypass algorithm of vehicle immobiliser system.

It should be noted that the use of this wireless micro-relay actually adds an additional channel that can be assigned to absolutely any logic that is available in the system.

View or download Pandora BT-01 manual

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