Pandora Light is an all-around convenient car security and remote start system. It has a dialogue encrypted 2-way LCD remote that allows monitoring car parameters and safely issuing dozens of commands. Small sized base unit is equipped with a powerful built-in 868 MHz antenna and can connect to 2 CAN-buses and LIN. The IMMO-KEY interface allows to implement bypass of original immobilziers for many cars. Remote start function allows to configure automatic starts by weekdays, hours, engine temperature, voltage, as well as providing turbo-timer function and remote start directly issued from the remote.

08 dialog code 02 06 01 04 03



Pandora Light is a service security system with a two-way radio channel. System features are enhanced by digital interfaces that was previously used only in premium systems: 2xCAN/LIN/IMMO
KEY. Now the system allows implementing more functions via CAN-bus. The system supports the full list of cars for which Pandora has an algorithmic bypass of an original immobiliser.

To support remote start function, the system provides integrated algorithmic immobiliser bypass to avoid using additional modules or leaving a key in a car. It can also remotely control popular engine preheaters. Pandora’s advanced algorithmic sensors allow the system to distinguish various events, like jacking in case of wheel theft attempt and give corresponding notifications, even when the engine is running in remote start mode.

New Remote Control

A new remote control provides control of all modes of the security system and car state. The remote control has an informative high-contrast OLED display that can show a variety of telemetric data including all security zones, temperature, voltage and fuel level.

Ultra Long Range

Our 2-way RF dialog remote with an OLED display shows astonishing range of communication reaching up to 1 km in suburban areas

Encrypted Transmission

The modern AES encryption algorithm with individual encryption keys of 128-bit length for each system and dynamic dialog information exchange guarantees the impossibility of intellectual hacking in the foreseeable future.

Total Security

Integrated shock, motion sensors and 3D accelerometer use elaborate algorithms to ensure adequate response to any event. The system monitors every sensitive area – doors, trunk, hood, sensors, brake pedal, voltage, etc.

Remote Engine Start

A radio remote control allows to start the engine remotely and to set up automatic starts by time, voltage or temperature. The system reliably controls the main engine parameters and car state during remote start procedure.

Immobiliser Bypass and Cloning Technology

The IMMO-key port and the Pandora Clone service allows to implement algorithmic bypass of original immobilisers and remote engine start on most of modern cars including Ford, Toyota, Lexus, Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi and others.

Control over Preheaters

Systems allows for remote control over popular engine preheaters like Webasto or Eberspacher, including sequential preheat and start options. The system can be directly connected to a preheater via digital CAN-bus or LIN-bus.

Low Power Consumption

The system is built for efficiency – it consumes very little energy and does not prevent car systems from entering sleep mode. The most modern algorithmic solutions and the latest electronic components allow us to reduce the power consumption to 7mA in armed mode.

Integrated 2xCAN + LIN Interface

Integrated high speed multichannel digital interface (2xCAN + LIN) provides the most functional and safe connection to original digital busses of the vast majority of modern cars. The protocols are expanded by engineers of our company every month.

Built-in Micro-USB Port

A micro-USB port allows you to configure and update the system firmware using the Pandora AlarmStudio application. The AlarmStudio allows quick configuration, provides access to all immobiliser bypass procedures, and contains guides and manuals for system installation on specific cars.

  • Base unit  DXL 0050L v2 – 1
  • Main control remote with LCD (Remote LCD D-011) – 1
  • Fastening kit DX – 1
  • Cable RMD-5 new – 1
  • Key cable TM DeLuxe – 1
  • Cable with VALET button – 1
  • Main cable X-1000/ Х-1100 – 1
  • Manual LIGHT v2 – 1
  • Packaging LIGHT v2 – 1

View or download Pandora Light v2 manual

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