Pandora Mini Moto is a modern security-service system for all types of motorcycles and scooters with 12V on-board voltage. It is a fully hands-free system with an encrypted Bluetooth 5.0 on board. Use a smartphone or a miniature tag as an authorization device, or choose an optional Pandora Band to control Immobiliser and Anti-hi-Jack functions. System is built on the most modern technological platform, fulfilling all the requirements of moto technics. Special algorithms allow to reduce power consumption to a minimum level keeping vehicle’s battery charged for a very long time.

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Mobile application

A convenient mobile application Pandora Connect with a modern 3D visualization of the security zones and state of the motorcycle is available both for iOS & Android smartphones and tablets. It allows to control and configure security system on a distances of Bluetooth connection.

 BLUETOOTH 5.0 interface

The most modern and reliably secure communication protocol for an immediate data transfer between base unit, wireless accessories and a smartphone. Increase the security and comfort level of the system by adding different additional devices (radio relays, remotes, control units, wireless sirens, sensors).


Built-in adjustable impact/tilt/motion sensors detect all impacts on the motorcycle and immediately block the engine when trying to move without permission.


Modern dynamic dialogue AES encryption with 128-bit keys guarantees impossibility of electronic hack and theft.


Innovative electronic components and special power saving algorithms allow to reduce system power consumption to a record low level.

  • Base unit with main cable and master PIN-card – 1
  • Immobiliser tag BT-780 – 1
  • External VALET button – 1
  • Blocking relay – 1
  • Magnetic reed sensor – 2
  • Packaging 1
  • Piezo siren PS-330 – 1

View or download Pandora Mini Moto v2 manual

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