Pandora Smart is an ultimate OEM key solution with an immobiliser RF tag and newest 3G GSM modem for smartphone integration. Providing all the benefits of Pandora advanced security and remote start of the lower grade systems, it also conveniently adds your car to the list of your online-controlled gadgets.

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Remote Start & Telemetry

Ultimate control and tracking solution – you can use OEM car Remote, Bluetooth Tags, Smartphone app and web browser to access system’s vast functionality.

Built-in GSM modem allows system to make calls, send SMS, take commands via a phone and deliver telemetry to any web device you have. 3G GSM-modem allow an excellent reaction rate and high stability Internet connection. In addition, 3G-connection allows you to keep open and simultaneous voice interface and Internet connection.

Remote start system with integrated keyless bypass of original immobilisers for many popular car makes

Automatic engine start options, turbotimer and control over engine preheater.Built-in shock, motion and tilt sensors supported by ingenious adaptive algorithms provide smart protection. Small in size and easy to use, the system reliably works even in extreme weather condition

Telemetry & Tracking

OEM car remote, Bluetooth tags GSM modem and online service allow you to monitor various parameters of your car, view event history and track it via GPS* (*optional).

GSM notifications

Built-in GSM modem requires local SIM card and allows system to make calls, send SMS, take commands via a phone or access online service.

Remote Engine Start

Internet-service, mobile apps, GSM voice interface  allows to start engine remotely and to set up automatic starts by time, voltage or temperature.

Immobiliser Bypass

Our system has integrated algorithmic immobiliser bypass that works for many popular car makers – including Toyota/Lexus, Renault/Dacia, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Mazda, etc.

Smartphone Apps

Pandora Online (for Android OS) and Pandora Pro (for iOS) apps allow to access various parameters of the system, as well as telemetry and tracking from your smartphone.  For iOS and Android – download it for free from a respective app store.

Control over preheater

Systems allows for remote control over popular engine preheaters like Webasto or Eberspaecher, including sequential preheat and start options. System can be directly connected to preheater via CAN-bus.

Smart Control

Control your system from OEM key, hands-free with Bluetooth tags, from your smartphone or virtually any gadget with Internet connection.

Total Security 

Integrated shock, motion sensors and 3D accelerometer use elaborate algorithms to ensure adequate response to any event. The system monitors every sensitive area – doors, trunk, hood, sensors, brake pedal, voltage, etc.

Easy to Install 

Pandora Smart II is made for simplicity – all basic functionality is available after connecting just 6 wires. It uses integrated CAN-bus driver to access on-board network. All system features can be programmed via micro-USB using a laptop.

  • Base unit  DXL 1840L (3G) with master-PIN card – 1
  • Immobiliser tag (Remote BT-760 black) – 2
  • Blocking relay MOTO – 1
  • Fastening kit X-1000 – 1
  • Main cable X-1000/ Х-1100 – 1
  • Cable DX90 – 1
  • Cable RMD-5 new – 1
  • Cable USB/micro USB Pandora – 1
  • Analog temperature sensor (L3000 v2) – 1
  • Cable with LED/VALET button – 1
  • Manual SMART II – 1
  • Leather case for tags (Pandect black) – 1
  • Packaging SMART II – 1

View or download Pandora Smart V2 manual