Pandora Smart V3 offers an optimal set of state-of-the-art security features, including a high-speed 4G GSM modem.
It provides the fastest and most reliable control of your vehicle from a smartphone.
In the new generation, the system has got a GPS/Glonass receiver that provides premium options at an affordable price.

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All in One

This compact system is an all-inclusive solution that generally requires no additional modules.

Built-in GSM interface

Modern high-speed modem (4G LTE/3G/GPRS) provides a stable connection and highest data transfer rate for better interaction with the app and the website.

Built-in GPS/Glonass receiver

Thanks to precision receiver, the information about current vehicle location and its movement is always available in the app or in your personal account on the website.

Total Security

Integrated shock, motion sensors and 3D accelerometer use elaborate algorithms to ensure adequate response to any event. The system monitors every sensitive area – doors, trunk, hood, sensors, brake pedal, voltage, etc.

Advanced control

Pandora is using Bluetooth 4.2 to connect to a smartphone and transponder tags. Mobile app allows to adjust all the functions of the device and receiving an information about its status.

Low Power Consumption

The system is built for efficiency – with Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy it consumes a small amount of energy and doesn’t prevent car systems from going to sleep mode.

Radio tag

Automatic control of security and anti-theft functions of the system in dependence of approaching or moving away of the radio tag.

  • Base unit  DXL 1840L v3 (4G)  – 1
  • Immobiliser tag (Remote BT-760 black) – 2
  • Blocking relay MOTO – 1
  • Fastening kit X-1000 – 1
  • Main cable X-1000 – 1
  • Cable DX90 – 1
  • Cable RMD-5 new – 1
  • Cable USB/micro USB Pandora – 1
  • Analogue temperature sensor (L3000) – 1
  • Cable with LED/VALET button – 1
  • Manual SMART – 1
  • Leather case for tags  – 1
  • Packaging SMART – 1

View or download Pandora Smart v3 manual

View or download Pandora Smart v3 wiring diagram

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