Pandora Car Watch – with Bluetooth 4.0 our energy-saving smart watch acts as an extension to you smartphone, as well as an immobiliser RF tag and a 2.4 GHz remote for your car security system. Lasting up to a month on a single charge and constantly displaying time, this handy, water-resistant accessory will make life easier for you and your car.


Pandora RW 04 allows to control your car and its alarm system. Watch displays full information about alarm system status; you may use all functions of your Pandora alarm system via smart watch.

Watch has an integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver and an immobiliser tag. Bluetooth 4 interface allows you to sync with your compatible Android device. You can accept and decline calls, receive notifications from your device using the watch.

Pandora RW 04 works without a battery recharging up to one month and automatically synchronizes time using GPS/GLONASS. There is a min-USB for charging and software updating.