This security-service system is specially designed to protect your motorhome. The system provides reliable security of a cabin and living module due to an optimal set of special wireless sensors: motion, tilt, opening sensors. Special “Stay Home” mode protects the living accommodation and luggage compartments even when owners are inside the motorhome.

08 01 bluetooth 09 10 gps
  • Internet service
  • Mobile apps Pandora Online/Pro
  • Automatic notifications in case of an accident
  • Immobiliser and Anti-Hi-Jack functions
  • Smart remote engine start
  • Control over an engine pre-heater
  • Dialog dynamic code
  • Multifunctional BLUETOOTH 4.2 LOW ENERGY radio interface
  • Built-in shock/tilt/motion sensor
  • Built-in GSM/GPRS/LBS interface
  • Built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver
  • Built-in immobiliser bypass
  • Built-in USB interface
  • Ultra low power consumption

A high contrast OLED display, LED status indicator, sound and vibro-notications, built-in USB port, protected BT 4.2 interface, integrated Li-Po battery and control buttons provide maximum ergonomics and easy operation of the system and vehicle.

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