Pandora Elite is a telemetric system for modern cars with direct connection to CAN Busses. Powerful security complex Pandora Elite has a lot of modules and devices designed to protect the entire perimeter of the vehicle and ensure constant monitoring by the owner. The system uses the most modern base unit, as well as a new remote, which has extended operating range, functionality and interference protection.

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Online Information Service

Online service allows monitoring, controlling, and adjusting parameters of your car using any computer or smartphone with Internet connection. You can browse through your car’s infinity event story. Every event is stored with the actual time and date.

You can always be informed where each event have occurred – our online service does not just show coordinates, but the actual place on Google Maps or OpenStreetMaps.

Control via Smartphone

Mobile Apps available to control and monitor your car’s systems. Apps can be downloaded for free from a store of your mobile OS (AppStore for iOS, Google Play for Android)

New Remote

This remote allows control over all functions of service-security system, receives telemetry, sends emergency notifications and provides personal safety.

New hybrid inverse LCD of the remote has contrast levels both visible on extensive light and in the dark. It is highly informative and functional, packed with additional graphic display, LED indicators and sound emitter.

Multisystem CAN Interface

Allows for a significant increase in anti-theft defenses of the modern car by integrating security system with the original car electronics.

System supports simultaneous connection to two data buses of following types: Lin, K-Line, K-Bus, P-Bus, W-Bus. Multisystem high-speed CAN interface allows installation of the system on any modern car that has a digital buses (data transfer rate up to 1 Mbit/sec)

Owner’s personal safety

Pandora Elite provides personal security measures for the owner. If your life and health are in danger just press SOS button on the remote, and Pandora Elite will send notifications to your close ones and the police that you are in distress, supplemented by your car’s  current coordinates. If you will happen to be in a car accident, the system will automatically detect it and will send notifications to your close ones, supplemented with your car’s current coordinates. Car accident will be stored as an event in the online infinite event history.

Control over Engine

Turbo timer and ignition support functions allow for correct integration with turbocharged engines and arming of the system on vehicle with running engine while the key is not in the ignition lock.

Engine Heaters Control

If there is an original engine preheater or engine heater in your car, you can control them using Pandora telemetry system. Use the modern and effective way to preheat your car before the ride – remote prelaunch heater.

  • Base unit DXL 3970L with master-PIN card – 1
  • Main control remote with LCD (Remote LCD DXL 605 black) – 1
  • Supplementary control remote without LCD (Remote R325) – 1
  • RF module DXL395 – 1
  • Radio relay RR-102 – 1
  • Immobiliser tag (Remote IS-850 black) – 2
  • Relay automatic start module RMD-8 – 1
  • Additional cable RMD-7 – 1
  • Main cable RMD-8 – 1
  • Manual RMD-8 – 1
  • Microphone MIC33 – 1
  • Fastening kit DeLuxe – 1
  • Main cable DXL 3900 1
  • Additional  cable DXL3900 – 1
  • Cable USB Pandora – 1
  • Cable with LED/VALET button – 1
  • Manual ELITE – 1
  • Wiring diagram DXL 3970 – 1
  • Packaging ELITE – 1

View or download Pandora Elite manual