The Pandora Eye tracker is a modern highly effective device that is used to determine the coordinates and track the movement of the monitored object.

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Miniature sizes

Pandora Eye has the smallest autonomous GPS tracker on the market (52x42x17mm). The sizes of the tracker allow to use it in different cases. You can place it almost anywhere in a bag, in a valuable parcel, on the collar of your pet, in a vehicle.


Advanced control

A special application and a website provide information about the state, location and movement of the device and make it’s usage as easy as possible. There is a possibility to make a call to the device and switch on the microphone in order to monitor the environment and object state. Well-thought-out functional and modern components will help you comfortably use our products.

Pandora Eye state can be controlled by:

  • online service
  • Mobile applications Pandora Pro (iOS) and Pandora Online (Android)
  • Bluetooth mobile application Pandora Nav BT
  • SMS

Beacon mode 

The device will be in the sleep mode the most of the time in order to save battery. The tracker wakes up with a preset periodicity to send its location and state to the owner.

Tracking mode

The device will be constantly on-line in this mode. The tracker will determine the current coordinates with a certain pereodicity and send them to the server to form the track of the object movement. This mode also provides access to the «Listening» function to perform audio control by the built-in micrphone.

Record battery life

The tracker uses standard AAA-size battaries. Pandora Eye has so low power consumption that you can use it up to 3 years without the need to replace the battaries.

Easy setup

Pandora Eye can be easily configured with Pandora Nav BT app by Bluetooth connection. All settings can be also adjusted by our convinient online service and standard mobile applications Pandora Online and Pandora Pro.

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  • Base unit NAV-08 – 1
  • Battery AAA 1,5В lithium – 3
  • Manual EYE – 1
  • Packaging EYE – 1

View or download Pandora Eye manual