We released our first charger for car batteries last year. It was distinguished by real long-term power - the ability to maintain a charge current up to 25A (30A) for a long time, which is important for modern AGM / GEL batteries. It is clear that at voltages up to 14.9 volts power is almost 400 watts! There are only few such powerful and, at the same time, intelligent chargers on the market.

The popularity of our charger was given by the Booster mode we developed, an adaptive algorithm for charging the battery without disconnecting from the vehicle’s electrical network. In this mode, the current source of the charger monitors the voltage of the on-board network and provides current exactly equals to dynamically changing loads in the on-board network to compensate it, the battery provides a comfortable charge, preventing it from being discharged or recharging it with excess current. This mode enables cars that stand at a demonstration in showrooms of car dealerships not to damage batteries and not to change them every week. However, branded devices that can do this have a cost several times more expensive. The same Booster mode is optimal for servicing a vehicle especially when it takes a lot of time. It is this mode, in our opinion, that is needed for many hours of installation of additional electronics, such as complex car alarms, when the doors open continuously, the ignition turns on and off, but the engine does not start for many hours and the generator is not able to restore the battery charge.

Another striking distinctive feature was the measurement of battery voltage directly on the battery terminals – “clamps” connecting individual wires of “volt pair”. And it is important! Because even at the resistance of the charger cable of 0.1 Ohm at a current of 10A, a voltage drop is 1 Volt!

After all, one should not allow even a small overvoltage in a different phase of a charge when charging a lead-acid battery. And for the new types of advanced batteries AGM, GEL, etc. overvoltage is even a little – it is almost guaranteed irreparable damage! Recharging such batteries with conventional chargers is a bad idea, because very soon you will have to replace the expensive battery with a new one!

We measure with an accuracy of hundreds of microvolts and a measurement speed of several hundred measurements per second. This is necessary for reliable and quick recognition in the line of “boiling noise” of the electrolyte. Our charger is designed to quickly charge the battery and is capable of high currents. But to prevent damage to the battery, we carefully monitor the beginning of the gas generation process on the plates, upon detection of which, we automatically reduce the charging current to a safe value, but we are fighting to optimize the charge time, i.e. We continuously provide maximum but safe for the battery charge current.