Cutting-edge car service-security systems with remote start Pandora is renown and successful on the Russian car security market, as manufacturer of the most advanced car security and remote start systems. And Russian car alarm market is the biggest in the world – in the harsh environmental and social conditions car security is a necessity.


Crime statistics shows that our domestic market has the biggest share of electronic car thefts worldwide – and we learned to prevent it with utmost efficiency. Cold weather is another great problem we can help you overcome – our systems are equipped with numerous helpful options: remote start, control over engine preheater, immobiliser bypass, and can be easily adjusted to support custom features like seat heaters and lightpath. Now Pandora is proud to present a range of our best products to the international markets.

Pandora car service-security systems posses all possible means of car security: shock and tilt sensors, accelerometer, CAN-bus integration and immobiliser integration.

Pandora is not only a car alarm system – remote start and immobiliser bypass are integral options on most of our products.

Pandora solutions present unmatched level of integration into car original systems. Control any accessory and assign any elaborate sequential logics, or make it subordinate to the original remote from your car manufacturer.

Pandora systems can be controlled via provided radio remotes that are both environmentally safe and have great range even in radio-polluted cities.

All of our topmost car service-security systems are connected to online service that provides detailed information, control options and even fleet management.

Pandora vehicle security systems are about control – change settings and access remote options however you see comfortable: from LCD remote, Hands Free with proximity radio tag, via phone calls, from the screen of your smartphone of laptop.

Pandora systems are not just about security – enjoy numerous service functions, like telemetry, tracking and instant notifications to any device.

Although our systems are elaborate, they are not hard to install on modern cars. They connect directly to CAN-bus and can be programed using a micro-USB cable and a laptop with installation helper software – AlarmStudio.