The long-awaited update with iPhone support for our Pandora Watch 2 has become available today for users of our wonderful product.

The main change was the support for working in the “smart watch” mode of smartphones not only with the Android operating system, but also with iOS (iPhone). Of course, many functions have been upgraded and debugged, and new interfaces and functions have been added, some of which will still work in limited functionality mode. After all, we continue to work with them, with the goal of creating another product that can also be proud of, as the work of most of our car alarms. Optimized power consumption, and their performance, even with advanced functionality, is kept at the mark of 7-10 days on a single charge. Allowing you to control the security functions of the car, like a keychain, at least a few dozen times a day.

It is noteworthy that you can now update your watch to the current firmware version not only using the AlarmStudio program, but also the convenient Pandora Specialist app from your mobile phone, the new version of which is already available in the Play Market today. It’s really simple-download the latest version of Pandora Specialist (if you already have it installed – update it), connect our watch with the power button pressed using the USB-OTG cable to your phone and update! Even firmware search and pre- download is not necessary- the app will find them by itself!

And it’s hard to believe, but it’s true – we created our own operating system for this product, because the existing OS (Android, Tizen, Linux, etc.) do not allow you to create such an economical device that can work for at least a week without disabling the indicator. And, we want to remind you that this product – all our-made: we cast plastic parts, and we mill and polish titanium covers ourselves, no one “helped” us to make the boards and software.

Functionality of the current version of Pandora Watch 2:

  • management of the security and service system and the vehicle: arming and disarming, remote engine start;
  • direct offline work with Pandora / Pandect systems with Bluetooth interface;
  • the anti-hi-jack functionality RFID tags;
  • displays the current vehicle status and event history;
  • sync with your Android smartphone, receive notifications (calls, SMS, PUSH, e-mail, etc.);
  • sync with iOS (iPhone) – receive notifications ( calls, SMS, PUSH, e-mail, and mobile apps) and manage calls (receive, hang up) – NEW;
  • sports training mode-walking, running, Cycling – NEW;
  • support for the Pandora HR-NEW electro-cardio – ballistic heart rate monitor.

Our company does not aim to make this product mass-market (this project serves the purpose of working out new technologies and principles for building new high-cost devices), but we intend to bring the level of sales of this product to significant values.

Upgrade your existing Pandora Watch 2 or purchase a new one and enjoy using this high-tech product, especially if you have a Pandora car alarm system with a Bluetooth interface installed on your car.