Our online service pro.p-on.ru is a complex monitoring and control solution useful to everyone: single car owners, families, companies and large fleets. It is accessible from smartphone using iOS and Android apps (Pandora Pro and Pandora Online) and allows to monitor cars' position and various parameters in real time.


Using an app or online interface, an owner or an administrator with delegated rights can control particular systems – change parameters of sensors, engine starts, notifications, arm or disarm security, and many more. Other functions include indefinitely storing day by day, minute by minute event and track history available on demand, calculating and building statistical reports for particular cars and groups, creating custom events and notifications, including geofence based ones. Online service is free of charge for the owners of several cars (family, small company) and requires a small subscription fee if you wish to add more cars and options (fleet). Currently pro.p-on.ru is available on Russian, English and Italian. The service has a demo profile that tracks some of our courier cars in real time, and we encourage you to try it.