Pandora car service-security systems are compatible with any Pandora remotes, not only the ones that are shipped with them. Moreover, all systems are shipped with radio tags that act as simple arm/disarm remote, Hands Free device and immobilizer tag – just carry it with you to make sure your car is always protected.


Here are the remotes we have on offer:

D077 – A simple three-button* control and telemetry remote that is shipped with DX-50. Has increased range, LCD display, icon menu and two colored LED indicators.

D707 – Modern, yet simple three-button* remote with LCD, icon menu and 4 LED indicators. Shipped with Pandect x3010.

D650 – An advanced six-button* remote with hybrid LCD display, full menu with sub-levels and expanded control options. Has no changeable battery – charged via micro-USB.

*panic buttons are not counted, but always present. See security for explanation of what panic button does.