Pandora car service-security systems are created having all possible ways of car related crime in mind. Car is protected from a break-ins via a range of sensors, including a tilt sensor that distinguishes wheel theft, and classic sound alarms. Control over built-in immobilizer or an engine blocking relay prevents car from being driven away.


All ways of car theft using hacking and signal duping are accounted for – our remotes and modules communicate using highly encrypted messages that are virtually impossible to hack. Active security mode is designed to prevent signal jamming, including legal tow truck jammers – on not receiving radio and GSM signal from system for some time it will alert the owner. Even if your car is hijacked, engine blocking will be automatically applied if a radio tag is not found within range, or can be manually activated at any time via a phone call or online. Lastly, remote has a panic button that transmits an emergency message and your cars coordinates to the selected numbers (e.g. police). Pandora security systems will make it really tough for criminals that seek to violate your car.