The biggest international fair for motorhomes and caravans CARAVAN SALON 2019 will take place from 31 August to 8 September 2019 in Düsseldorf, Germany. More than 250 000 visiters from 75 diffirent countries are expected on more than 200 000 square meters exhibition space

Pandora with our European partners will participate in this event. First of all, we will present our new innovative product Pandora Camper Pro – a premium security system for motorhomes.

This system is the most advanced telemetry and security system that has ever been presented on the marker. It is equipped with an integrated 3G GSM modem and a GPS-module, it uses a 868 MHz radio channel and the newest Bluetooth 5.0 interface.

Now owner of campers may not worry not only about the safety of their motorhome, but also about all the property inside. We have increased the number of protected zones (including doors, hatches) due to the possibility of connecting more wireless sensors. The system also has a special “Stay Home” mode that protects the inviolability of a camper, while an owner may use the internal space. The system will warn you about attempts of intrusion and in case of real danger, for example, if robbers use sleeping gas.


Our engineers developed a special mobile app Pandora Camper. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface does not require additional training and provides you with all the information about your motor home. You can see the internal and outside temperature, battery status, fuel level, mange internal heaters and other electronic devices.

The built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver allows you to track your vehicle and helps you to find where you have parked your camper. All information is available 24/7 worldwide

Another new device that Pandora is preparing to present for the European market is a brand new Bluetooth siren PS-332BT. Our engineers specially designed this siren for certification of Pandora products in accordance with the standard of the British organization Thatcham. It wirelessly connects to a main unit via the Bluetooth protocol. This allows not to pull wires from a main unit to an engine compartment.

The new siren has a sealed waterproof case and a back-up battery. Its small size and waterproof case allows you to place the siren almost anywhere in a car.

Due to the built-in battery, the siren has a special mode that will add even more security to a car. If an attacker disconnect the power supply of the siren while the system is armed, the siren will start screaming to notify an owner about the attempted theft. The siren also has reliable charging algorithms that fulfill the EU regulations. The siren starts charging the battery only when the engine is running.

The “Control of Bluetooth connection with a main unit” function is also present in the new siren. This function protects against disconnecting power supply of a main unit. Therefore, if someone disconnects the main unit, the siren will also notify an owner by the loud sound.

There is another novelty in the Pandora range, which will be interesting for professionals of the car security market. Russian specialist have already appreciate the new product – Pandora Power Charger.

Each car electronics specialist’s dream for an ideal charger comes true with this device! First of all, this is a powerful charger with the possibility to maintain the battery charge current at 25 A for an infinitely long time.

The main feature of this product is the algorithms and methods for high-precision monitoring of a car battery state. In addition to the power cords used for charging, the claps also have the measuring wires, which measure the voltage to the nearest millivolt regardless of the charge current and voltage drop on the cords. This helps to provide the maximum possible efficiency of charging eliminating a possibility of battery damage.

This charger will be also a must-have device in car dealership demo rooms; it will allow using the electric motors of seat regulators, turn on/off interior lights, ignition of a demo car. In this case, the installed battery will always be optimally serviced and maximally charged

In addition to the listed novelties, we will present our well-known systems which have been already satisfied the needs of owners of any vehicle in Europe. All of them also received an update and became even more convenient in work.

Our specialist are looking forward to meet you every day from 31 August to 8 September from 10:00 to 18:00 at the Pandora booth.