Pandora is always on the top edge of the technological progress. Every day our engineers are doing their best to improve security and telematics systems. As a result, Pandora systems are the most modern, secure and comfortable products on the market.

In 2020 we have launched a new product line with 4G (LTE) technology on board. Most of our clients are a little bit confused. After all, security and telematic systems do not download videos from Youtube, are not made for video calls (yet), do not play music (although, our new sirens can do that already). So, what is this 4G for? It’s so widely used in mobile phones and absolutely new for security systems. Let’s clear up this point together.

The first 2G GSM networks appeared in the early 90s. By the end of the century, package data transfer technology, better known as GPRS, had become widely available. Most modern GSM alarms, GPS trackers and other electronics, including water, gas, electricity meters, capable to transmit their readings to processing centers, are based on this technology. The number of such devices is growing every day, but the capability of this technology is extremely limited. Please note, that 2G is still used for voice calls and this functional has higher priority. When mobile base stations are overloaded preference is given to voice calls, and data transmission totally stops. You probably noticed that sometimes SMS messages are delivered with delays. Security systems with 2G modems are not able to provide you actual vehicle status in such conditions.

The introduction of 3G technology at the beginning of the century has solved the priority problem, and the data transfer speed increased. But it’s capabilities also become outdated.

For us it is very important that our clients to have the top quality and reliable communication with their vehicle. That is why we are the first to introduce a high-speed 4G (LTE) modem in our security systems. The features of this communication standard allow not to depend of the number of phone calls, there are separate data transfer channels.

4G GSM technology became popular since 2010, but still there are some remote areas, were it is not available. In this case, modem will automatically switch to 3G or 2G network. We have maintained support for these networks. Your vehicle will always stay on-line.

But that’s not all. For the excellent performance it is not enough to replace the modem. Pandora has implemented special ceramic antennas inside the base unit of the system. Compact devices allowed us to get the best performance keeping the small dimension of the base unit. As a result, the system is in touch even in multi-level underground parking lots, where usual phones used to be off-line.

P.S. In the middle of 2021 major mobile operators in Germany are planning to stop 3G GSM networks and keep 2G network only for the voice calls and SMS-messaging. Choosing 4G security system today, you will not lose your money next year. Think about it!